FREE Sick! Workshops coming up

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Therapeutic Writing Workshop


A workshop for people who want to begin telling their stories and exploring healing through writing.This short, but insightful workshop is led by creative writing teacher Emelie Hill Dittmer. As an introduction, we will familiarise you with the first three steps in a process developed by the acclaimed Write Your Self ( movement. The workshop is repeated though the day, please choose just one of the three session times available.


Zine Workshop


A workshop for those affected by invisible illnesses – guiding you to express yourself through words, images or collage to create a collaborative zine on this theme. Led by artist and printmaker Xtina Lamb, your contributions will be compiled into a small DIY publication – a ‘zine’, to be printed on INTRA’s Risograph machine. The zine will be available free to visitors of the Sick! exhibition at Sun Pier House in Chatham, Kent in August.

We’ll supply collage materials, typewriters (old school!), drawing supplies, glue, and will have lots of ideas to get you thinking about the ways you could contribute to the zine. Bring along any extra materials you’d particularly like to use to create the pages, or if you have sketchbooks or notebooks of writing – those would be great for the workshop too. But you don’t need to be a fantastic artist or an accomplished poet to take part, if you have experiences of invisible illness (either from your own ill health or those close to you), we would love to include your contributions.

Please choose the morning or afternoon session.




Piñata Workshop


Help to create a large piñata, decorate the outside to represent the challenges of living with invisible illness and make colourful, positive, fun messages of love and hope to fill it with. The piñata will be on display in the windows of INTRA in the run up to the Sick! Living with Invisible Illness exhibition, and smashed open in an act of defiance for the launch event. Hit out against the difficulties of living with invisible illness and be showered with positivity in return.

This is an all day workshop and you can just drop in throughout the day, but if you would like to reserve a place please choose an arrival time.

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