Exhibition Tours :)

We gave the KAB (Kent Association for the Blind) a guided tour of the exhibition last week and then did a tour via facebook live for anyone that had been unable to attend the exhibition in person. We had a really great day and wanted to share some images from the KAB event with you as well as the facebook live video for anyone interested in seeing it.

SICK-KABtour-20170808-6563 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6568 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6569 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6570 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6571 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6580 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6584 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6588 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6591 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6597 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6603 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6609 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6612 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6615 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6621 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6625 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6627 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6628 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6634 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6638 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6639 SICK-KABtour-20170808-6641

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