Sick! is an arts project exploring what it means to live with invisible illness. We created our first exhibition during August 2017 at Sun Pier House in Chatham, featuring the work of 14 artists across a range of media and disciplines. The exhibition was supported by 3 days of workshops, an associated publication and film. The project was funded by Arts Council England with additional support from Medway Council.

The response to the project was overwhelming, the private view and exhibition had huge turnout, by far the best attended exhibition in the venue’s history and we were featured in the local press and the BBC local news. Over half a million  people saw something about the project across print, tv and social media. The feedback from participants from the workshops as well as exhibition attendees was that their experience was hugely rewarding, and the visiting public intensely engaged with the artwork at the exhibition and discussed what the work meant to them in groups during the private view.

Due to this response the Sick! team have decided to try and tour the exhibition to other venues across the UK. We will need to spend time exploring different venues and reaching out to curators, as well as looking into funding options so this may take some time, but we will keep the blog and facebook page updated as this second phase of the project progresses.

Thank you to everyone for the incredible support!

The Sick team are:
Zara Carpenter (founder)
Matt Bray (co-founder and curator)
Rikard Österlund
Xtina Lamb








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